Thursday, December 3, 2015

Opposition MPs in the parliament fired tear

 Fired tear gas to stop street protests. But the parliament to the government's obstruction of tear gas? The MPs themselves do the job?

 Kosovo, the allegations against the opposition said. Chamber of parliament, five times the tear gas, and to protect the MPs have been run.Political tensions in Kosovo is the question of normalization of relations with Serbia for a long time. The bitter disagreement between the political parties."Self-determination party chief and former prime minister ramusa haradinaja apply kurti are complaining about the government's agreement with Serbia has been given the opportunity to debate it in Parliament. Thus, they decided to leave tear gas in parliament, a spokesman for the group said."We have taken this technique, because there was no way in front of us, was a self-determination party spokesman jaimi Arabah. The leader of the kurti apply for this job now in prison.Image copyright AP Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 008 separated. But in recent years the European Union-brokered deal to normalize relations with Kosovo, the Serbian government. Fatally divided public opinion in Kosovo.The 8th October was the first parliament of the tear gas. The opposition leader was to blame because kurtike apply. On that day, the two fell unconscious due to tear gas MP.October 15th is the second tear gas in parliament.3 October when the opposition in parliament, demanding the cancellation of the agreement with Serbia were asking, he becomes obsessed with the tear gas chamber.The latest round of tear gas was also the 30th of November. Parliament is to send in the police to handle the situation. Was arrested several opposition MP.

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